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Physio in Bondi Junction with over 12+ years of experience. Ease pain quickly and promote fast long-lasting recovery from injury. Get a personal, understanding, and uncomplicated approach to your physiotherapy. Access gym equipment, latest health tech, and leading movement screening technology. Both in-person and telehealth options are available. Claim health funds instantly. Move and feel better, book now.

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What Your Physiotherapy Might Look Like at Our Bondi Junction Clinic

Get a brief insight into some of the types of physiotherapy we practice at our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs physiotherapy clinic. See how your physiotherapist may approach your recovery. Physios at JW physical Health offer: dry needling physiotherapy, exercise prescription physio, headache and migraine management, manual therapy, post-surgery rehab, vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation, golfer-specific physio, sports injury physiotherapy, sports recovery physio, and much more. Watch the video below to learn more about us and what your physio treatment might look like.

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Why People Choose Us For Their Physio in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

From a patient's very first physiotherapy session at our Bondi Junction physio clinic, they can expect to feel immediate relief and have a clear pathway out of pain and back to strength and function.

JW Physical Health physiotherapists take a data-driven approach to your physio and recovery. We are one of the few physio clinics in Sydney using world-leading AxIT Strength and Function Testing technology. Using this technology, your physio will build a tailored treatment plan to help you get out of pain and back to your regular activity. It's used to monitor and assess your progress clearly and objectively. This helps ensure fast and optimal outcomes for your recovery.

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Physio that resolves the cause, not just symptoms. Get back your daily life with fewer flair-ups and interruptions

Unlike some treatments like medication, physios at JW Physical Health look to resolve the underlying root cause of your injury. We also help minimise risk of re-injury. Strengthening, conditioning, and mobility training may be part of your treatment plan. Stay more mobile, stronger, and pain-free for longer. Get back to your regular life with less ongoing interruption from pain and re-injury.

Personalised treatment with your physiotherapist. Tailored to your needs.

Get the treatment that's right for you so you can get back to doing more of what you love doing sooner. Your physiotherapist will work with you 1:1 to create a personalised treatment plan you can maintain. It’ll be aligned with your individual health and performance goals. Your physiotherapist will consider your lifestyle, available time you can dedicate to your recovery, and current strength, mobility, and fitness.

Convenient Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs location. Physio that fits in with your lifestyle.

Our physio clinic is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney train station. You’ll find us inside the F45 Studio in Oxford Street Mall. Plenty of public transport options make getting here from Bondi Beach, Paddington, Woollahra, the city, and right throughout Sydney a breeze. Free parking is available nearby in both Westfield (2hr) and Eastgate (1hr) shopping centres. Both are a 1-2 minute walking distance from us and have disability parking options.

Highly skilled & experienced physiotherapists. Trusted in the community.

JW Physical Health physiotherapists draw on decades of experience. Our physios work daily with professional athletes and everyday people. We’ve worked with people of a diverse range of backgrounds, ages, physical abilities, and injuries. We're focused on staying up to date with leading and emerging human movement and recovery practices to help ensure our patients receive the best treatment available. Ensure you get the most optimal recovery possible.

Claim On the Spot. Access rebates on your physio instantly

Make the most of your private health fund membership at JW Physical Health. All private health funds are accepted. Immediate on the spot rebates for your physio treatment is available at our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs physio clinic. View some of the health funds we accept. Physios at JW Physical Health are also Work Cover accredited.

Discover Why So Many People Choose JW Physical Health For Their Physio

Read through some of the recent reviews from our patients. below to discover why so many people come to see us at our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney physiotherapy clinic for their physio. Mainly the people we treat come from Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach, Waverley, Paddington, Edgecliff, Woollahra, and other local areas across the Eastern Suburbs and broader Sydney. Being centrally located just a short 2-minute stroll up from Bondi Junction train station makes us easily accessible for many throughout Sydney.

If you're after top-notch physiotherapy in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney then get in touch.

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Physiotherapist Located in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Our physio clinic is centrally located just above the Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs train station. Find us inside the F45 in Oxford St Mall. Use the map below for directions on how to get here. Easily accessible by public transport, walking, bike, ride-share and driving. Discover why more people from Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, Waverley, Woollahra, Eastern Suburbs and throughout broader Sydney find JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction so convenient for their Physiotherapy needs.

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Physiotherapists in Bondi Junction Committed to Helping You Move and Feel Better

Whether you're undergoing rehab for a serious condition or having treatment to resolve a persistent niggle. It's important that your physiotherapist is the right physio for you. Knowledge and experience are needed. So is understanding you as an individual . We believe our personable, understanding and friendly approach combined with our knowledge, experience and commitment to help is our point of difference that sets us apart from other physiotherapists in Sydney.

We are a highly skilled team of expert physiotherapists with many years of experience. JW Physical Health physiotherapists are passionate about helping people throughout Sydney and the local Bondi & Bondi Junction community move and feel better. We love what we do. Our goal is to ensure you get the safest and most effective leading physiotherapy treatment available. We're committed to helping you recover fast and long term.

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Jason Wright Bondi Junction Physio Near Me

Jason Wright - Principal Physiotherapist & Owner

Passionate about helping people move and feel better, Jason's been a practising physiotherapist since 2010. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to physio treatments and takes great pride in his patients' success. Formerly a semi-pro tennis player and avid golfer, Jase has been flown around the world to work with elite athletes to help improve their performance and recovery. Preferring to keep local, he now works mainly with sporting teams, athletes and everyday individuals of a variety of backgrounds across Sydney from his JW Physical Health physio clinic in Bondi Junction.  


Jack Bondi Junction Physio 2

Jack - Physiotherapist

Having worked with clients of all ages and abilities, Jack draws on his wealth of experience as well as the latest scientific evidence to help patients reach their goals and ensure long-term success. Jack has worked with a range of sports teams, providing pitch-side injury assessment and management. Jack also works with non-sporting clients, helping patients with issues such as chronic pain, back pain, and knee pain, helping them manage their condition and return to optimal functioning. Book an appointment with him at JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction today.


Access a Wide Range of Physiotherapy Services at Our Bondi Junction Clinic

Learn more about the types of physio your physiotherapist may provide to you at our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs physiotherapy clinic. What your treatment may involve will depend on the problem you’re looking to resolve. Your recovery may incorporate some or all of these types of physiotherapy.

Learn More About Physiotherapy With Us in Bondi Junction

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Physiotherapy at JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs

Here are a few of the most common questions we get from patients about physiotherapy at JW Physical Health here at our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney physio clinic. Our Physiotherapists have answered them below for your convenience. If you have any other physio questions, please get in contact with us. Ask your questions via the form on our contact page. You can also find our contact details here if you need to speak with a physiotherapist via phone or email.

In your first session at JW Physical Health, your treating physio will take a detailed history of your injury or concern. Based on what you describe, your physiotherapist will then do a thorough physical assessment of the injured and concerned parts of your body. They’ll also look at peripheral areas of your body that may be contributing to your current condition. With all this information, your treating physiotherapist will seek to diagnose your problem and establish a treatment plan particular to your needs. We'll also provide immediate treatment on the identified area and any contributing areas for on-the-spot relief.

Expect to feel better than when you walked in, and have a clear pathway out of pain and back to strength and function long term.

A Data-Driven Approach to Physiotherapy in Bondi Junction

Because we take a data-driven approach to your recovery and are one of the few physio clinics in Sydney using world-leading AxIT Strength and Function Testing technology your physiotherapist may also take your baseline reading on a variety of strength and function assessments. We’ll then use this leading technology to help monitor and assess your progress clearly and objectively which ultimately helps ensure fast and optimal outcomes for your recovery.

In short, it depends..  

Your recovery time will depend on the extent of your injury, and the specific type of injury you have. Age and existing fitness, strength and mobility play a role too. So does your commitment to therapy here at the clinic and with your take-home exercises.

Expected Recovery Times And Outlooks Will Be Provided To You During Your First Physio Appointment

During your first appointment, your physiotherapist will be able to give you an estimated time of when and how we expect you to get better if you follow your treatment as outlined. We’ll give you likely progression benchmarks that you should be hitting and aiming for. These will be presented and outlined in your initial treatment plan.

Physiotherapy Is Not Always an Instant Quick Fix

Keep in mind it does take time and patience to allow the body to heal. We do have advanced technology that can help here too including our Normatech Compression Boots. Nevertheless, it will take time to regain control, strength, and mobility in function. Consistency is key – both with attendance to your appointments with us and in completing your home exercise programs. In this regard, you also have a reasonable amount of control over the speed at which you recover.

Consistency is key.

In consultation with your treating physiotherapist, we’ll discuss options that may help accelerate your healing. However, one of the biggest things you can do to help speed things along is to follow and practice your prescribed exercises.

Consistency in showing up to your appointments when required is also important. Follow any guidelines or cautions provided about returning to work, sport or activity – trying to go too fast often has the opposite effect and instead slows your recovery.


If you are concerned about anything we discussed during your appointment or have any other questions about your treatment we can be contacted via phone, email, or you can pop into our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney clinic if convenient.

Where possible (and mostly) – yes.

To ensure you get tailored personalised and efficient treatment we find it best to work with your preferred physio 1:1 ongoing at JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction. However, if circumstances call another physio can look after you. If that occurs your primary treating physio will communicate with the other physiotherapist to let them know all about you, your injury, your treatment plan and how you’re progressing. That way your treatment continues to progress. JW Physical Health physiotherapists have a great repour with others throughout Sydney and work with other health professionals regularly to help provide positive health outcomes for patients.

Typically, it’s best to see a physio earlier rather than later to avoid further injury.

If you think you might need physio but aren’t quite sure, contact us. We should be able to quickly assess if your problem warrants further attention or not.

There are many reasons why someone might need to see a physiotherapist.

Often, someone comes to us when they have suffered an injury (e.g. a sprain, experiencing soreness or tightness, pain in the back or joints, or need rehab after surgery). We also help people with ongoing problems of movement and strength and help people prevent injury in the first place (prevention is always better than a cure!).

In general, if a muscle or movement-related problem is causing pain or disruption to your normal daily activities, work, or personal life, it’s time to seek help. Similarly, if you’re getting the same injury repeatedly, it could be beneficial to see a physio to see if there’s something underlying that can be resolved and prevent it from happening again in the future.

At JW Physical Health Our Physiotherapists Can Help With:

  • Sudden injury
  • Remedy ongoing injury that hasn’t been resolved
  • Rehab after surgery
  • Management of pain
  • Sport recovery
  • Improve sports performance
  • Injury prevention
  • Improve strength, mobility, and function
  • Manage headaches & migraines without medication
  • Correct vestibular conditions
  • much more

Learn more about the services we provide at our Bondi Junction clinic here.

Your first physiotherapy appointment with a physio at JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction will be about 45 minutes.

After your initial consult, each physiotherapy appointment is about 30 minutes.

Your initial physio appointment with us is slightly longer than a standard appointment because it allows us to assess, diagnose and map out your treatment plan to get you back to full health and function.

More on what to expect from your first physio appointment is outlined above in the first FAQ you see on this page.

Your Physio Will Depend on the Problem You’re Looking to Resolve.

Physiotherapists at JW Physical Health are trained in many different techniques. When you come in for the first time to the Bondi Junction clinic, your treating physio will work through an initial assessment with you. From the finding of that initial assessment your physiotherapist will be able to know which methods will help you most.

Types of Physio We Practice at Our Bondi Junction Clinic

Some of the most common types of treatments include:

  • Manual therapy (stretching, resistance and joint manipulation)
  • Massage
  • Trigger point therapy (applying direct pressure to the problem area)
  • Dry Needling
  • Exercise

What Type of Physio Will You Need?

Your physio treatment plan will likely involve a combination of some, or all these techniques outlined above. You will also likely be given some targeted exercises to do at home between appointments.

Learn more about some of the types of physio we practice here.

Most likely, yes.

You will likely be given targeted exercises to do between your physio sessions

Once your body has healed enough, you will likely be given several exercises to do at home between physio sessions at JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction. These will improve the function, mobility, and strength of the muscles that surround your injury.

These exercises won’t be overly strenuous, nor over-complicated. Often, they only take a few minutes to complete each day.

 You’ll never be asked to do more than you can physically do. In consultation with you, we’ll create a simple exercise program that will work for you, your existing fitness, ability, and available time.

Exercises your physiotherapist provides play an important role in your recovery

They’ll help accelerate your healing and get you back to full strength, mobility, and function. Typically, these exercises to help you prevent injury re-occurrence and resolve your troubles once and for all.  

If you want optimal recovery outcomes, it’s important to do these exercises. However, it’s up to you to do them. We’ll encourage you and are always available if you have any troubles. But ultimately you are in control of your recovery in this regard.

In your initial physio appointment or follow-up appointments, your treating physiotherapist will give you a printed sheet or instructions detailing the exercises they suggest you complete and how often. They’ll run through each exercise with you before you leave to ensure you know how to do them correctly.

You can learn more about Exercise Prescription at JW Physical Health here if needed.


Physiotherapists are Primary Practitioners

This means we can be your first point of call for any injury or condition.

A referral from a GP is not required to see us. However, if you have been referred to us by your GP, please bring your referral letter with you if they’ve given you one. If you’ve been given a referral letter this may help us better direct your care.

Please note, you will be required to have a referral from your doctor if you are involved in a WorkCover or a Third Party Claim.


We have a HICAPS terminal at our reception in our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs clinic. If you have private health insurance, we can scan your card at the front desk and provide on-the-spot claiming of your rebate if you are eligible. Please bring your healthcare card to every appointment if you have one.

For some, your healthcare rebate will cover your complete treatment costs. For others, you may be required to pay a gap payment. This gap payment is the difference between the cost of the visit and what your health fund pays. Any gap payment is dependent on your level of extras coverage and the amount of physiotherapy you have used per calendar year, relevant to your specific health fund plan.

Often, no.

Medicare will only cover your physiotherapy costs if you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Previously this was known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan or EPC. You will need to access these plans from your GP.

If you speak with your doctor and are eligible for the Chronic Disease Management Plan, please let us know when you book your appointment.

If you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan it entitles you to receive up to five (5) physiotherapy treatment sessions per calendar year. We can claim these treatment sessions on the spot electronically. This means that you will only have to pay the gap payment for these visits. The gap payment will be the difference between the cost of the visit and what Medicare pays.

Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are Quite Similar.

Physios & Osteopaths treat a range of similar conditions. There’re a lot of crossovers in what each profession does and how they handle your injury. Arguably, there are more similarities than differences between the two professions.

Typically, the main difference between a physio and an osteopath is the osteopath will have a greater focus on hands-on manual therapy.

Whilst physios also focus on hands-on manual therapy (aka the ‘physio massage’) we tend to provide more targeted strengthening and mobility exercises too. Osteopaths also can provide these same graded exercise prescriptions; however, they tend to focus more on manual therapy.

Physiotherapists at JW Physical Health use leading data-driven approach including world-leading AxIT Strength and Function Testing technology.

Here at JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction, expect your treating physiotherapist to take a data-driven approach to your physio and recovery.

Exemplifying our commitment to data-driven approach we’re one of the few physio clinics in Sydney (the only clinic in Bondi Junction that we know of) using world-leading AxIT Strength and Function Testing technology.

Throughout your physiotherapy treatment your treating physio will objectively assess your progress through a variety of methods.

Each injury is slightly different. Different injuries and conditions use different measurements. Common tests include those of strength and degrees of mobility. Pain assessments may also be relevant.

Learn how to move and feel better with tips from our physios at our Bondi Junction physio clinic

Learn ways to remedy, reduce and prevent injury in the workplace, at home, during sport, and more. Gain insight into types of physio and easy exercises you can do at home that can help you move and feel better. Physiotherapy exercises play an important role in both recovery and injury prevention. They can help you resolve your troubles once and for all.  

Join the community, see what goes on at our Bondi Junction physio clinic

Get social with us @jwphysicalhealth on Instagram. Our Instagram is full of simple exercises you can do at home to help improve your strength and mobility. We also have a bunch of tips to prevent injury and remedy common sources of pain. Seth and Jason post regularly. Get a brief insight into what goes on day-to-day down at our Bondi Junction clinic.