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At JW Physical Health, we are on the cutting edge of strength and performance assessment.

Using the state-of-the-art Strength By Numbers “AxIT” System, we are able to precisely quantify your strength across dozens of movements and body segments.

This all-in-one equipment system is designed to evaluate force output, muscle power, body symmetry, and much more.


Your Physiotherapist Will Assess Your Strength & Function to Create a Personalised Plan Based on Scientifically Proven Data

In order to rehabilitate injuries and increase performance, your body requires sufficient strength to be able to support you in your sport.

Muscle strength imbalances and weakness can often result in recurrent injury, as well as painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Strength By Numbers helps ensure you’re being treated correctly.

Using the AxIT system, we identify areas for improvement and guide our management of your condition(s).

Remain up-to-date with the latest evidence and research and compare your strength levels against normative values.


Performance, Prevention, Rehabilitation

Strength is a critical component of proper physical function.

Our muscles are the engine that powers our body through space.

Whether due to occupation, sporting background, or lifestyle, often times we are missing strength and critical areas that can contribute to ongoing injury and dysfunction.

Using the AxIT System, we no longer need to guess which areas require improvement – we’re able to determine precisely where you need to work on.

This doesn’t just apply to athletes.

Everyone from office workers to weekend warriors to professional athletes require strength in varying degrees.


Personalised Assessment, Strength Screening & Prescribed Rehabilitation Including Targeted Exercises & Treatment

At the start of your AxIT Strength Session, we will first conduct an initial assessment.

This involves analysing your unique athletic and injury history, as well as performing objective measures such as relevant compound body movements and range of motion.

Once we have determined areas to evaluate further, we will use the AxIT software to create a customised assessment profile for you, in order to evaluate which movements should be screened using our equipment.

With the information we gain from our strength assessment, we can tackle your specific deficits in a targeted exercise and fitness training.

Shown above, Seth performs the AxIT Strength Screening of Daniel, an exercise physiology student and bodybuilder.

Using the information found in Daniel’s assessment, we’re able to determine muscle groups that require strengthening, notable side-to-side differences, and any imbalances that otherwise might affect Daniel’s performance.

With the proper rehab, we can allow Daniel to continue training at full capacity and injury-free.

Visit Our Bondi Junction Clinic for 1:1 AxIT Strength Assessment

Our physiotherapists will take you through a personalised AxIT assessment, based on your unique injury history performance goals.

From this data, they can prescribe a specific rehabilitation program to improving your sporting performance.

Contact us to book an appointment at our Bondi Junction, Eastern Suburbs clinic.

Options can also be received remotely via electronic communication.

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