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Work with a Leading TPI (Titelist Performance Institute) Level 3 Medical Certified Practitioner

Following the TPI (Titelist Performance Institute) methodology and framework, golf focused physio sessions at JW Physical Health is aimed at educating golfing amateurs, professionals and industry pros on the Body-Swing Connectiontm. We seek to educate golfers of all levels on the importance of the body and how it relates to their golf swing. Ussing the TPI Golf Method, we will work with your preferred golf swing, helping you improve with targeted strength and flexibility training, and provide treatment only if needed.

TPI (Titelist Performance Institute) in the USA is the world’s leading organisation dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

Jason, our lead physiotherapist, is one of just three TPI Level 3 Medical Certified Practitioners in the greater Sydney region.

Golf Physio Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Your TPI Certified Physiotherapist Will Assess Your Form & Health to Create a Personalised Plan Based on Scientifically Proven Protocols that Will Improve Your Golf Swing

For over 17 years, since 2003, TPI has studied the action of thousands of golfers. They have collated and analysed an incredible amount of data on players of all shapes and sizes. They studied a range of athletes of varying body types, age, fitness level and ability, from the top professional Tour players to weekend enthusiasts.

Golf Specific Physio & Technical Training for Golfing Amateurs, Professionals and Industry Pros

In their research, TPI uncovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most optimal and efficient way possible. They also identified how to maintain a golfer’s physical health, looking at how the physical limitations in a player’s body can adversely affect their golf swing and potentially lead to injury. Based on their research, findings and analysis they developed a series of protocols and methodologies to maximise golfers swing efficiency and minimise their injury.

This is what we use in our practice, whether you are a golfing pro or a budding amateur.

Important to note, your preferred swing style/type will remain unchanged. We help you get your body functioning better from a strength and mobility perspective to support your existing swing. This is not swing or golf coaching. Leading golf coaches refer many clients our way. We work in partnership with them and will not undo yours and their hard work!

Physiotherapy for Golfers Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Your Physiotherapist Will Help Improve Your Body Mechanics to Support Your Preferred Swing (Not Swing Coaching)

TPI protocols and methods have been developed and tested over the years through many strategic partnerships. They continue to be tested, optimised and furthered with new knowledge and industry advancements as they arise.

Over the years the framework and teachings have been created in collaboration with NCAA Universities, major health-care hospital systems, professional golf associations, top fitness organisations, and national Olympic sports development programs on five continents. Everything TPI has developed and continues to teach has been validated through years of research and testing by industry leading experts, many of whom continue to sit on the TPI advisory board.

Golf Specific Physio For Golfing Armatures Professionals Industry Pros Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney
Jason, illustrating we can assess your golf swing inside our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney clinic

Learn How to Become More Efficient, Reduce Pain & Prevent Injury When Swinging

We focus on teaching you how to perform at your peak and maintain your health in a simple and meaningful way. Tap into our vast knowledge base and take the required steps to help support your preferred golf swing, enabling you to reduce pain and discomfort and prevent injury when playing.

We do not believe that there is one way to swing a club. Rather, we believe there is an infinite number of swing styles, with there being one efficient way for each player based on what they can physically do. The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer. Efficiency is unique to each person’s body.

Bondi Junction Sydney Golf Physio | Improve Your Swing
Learn how to become more efficient, reduce pain & prevent injury when swinging

Personal Assessment, Functional Movement Screening & Prescribed Rehabilitation Including Targeted Exercises & Treatment

To achieve an efficient swing, we first conduct an initial assessment. This assessment involves analysing your unique swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current & historical health.

Once this initial assessment is finished, the results will be used to create a tailored program aimed at amending your specific deficits in a targeted and strategic way. The program may include fitness training, physical therapy and treatment. Focus is on helping strengthen your body and making you more flexible. We work to support your current swing style.

Shown above, Jason performs the Full TPI Level One Movement Screen of Alex Sutherland, the golf professional at Eastlake Golf Club. View how we assess his individual movement patterns and explain to him clearly and simply how he can improve his swing. We prescribe some specific techniques for Alex to practice that will get him moving optimally. With practice, he can improve his performance and efficiency on the golf course enabling him to play longer and injury-free.

Physiotherapy Treatments Designed for Amateur and Professional Golfers

The perfect golf swing is something that most golfers aspire to achieve. To attain the perfect swing you require the perfect body, which most of us do not have. The way we move and the postures we sustain on a daily basis can affect the way our bodies move during the golf swing. Using our bodies poorly day-to-day causes muscle imbalances to develop. Poor movement habits develop as we compensate for old injuries.

New injuries occur as we compensate for poor-postures, poor-movement habits and old injuries. These all combine to affect your golf swing.

Visit Our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Clinic for Golf Specific Physiotherapy Treatment

Jason, our lead physiotherapist will take you through a functional movement screening process to assess your individual movement patterns and how these then relate to your swing. He will prescribe a specific rehabilitation program to have you moving optimally, therefore improving your performance on the golf course, as well as reducing pain during your swing and have you playing longer.

Contact us to book an appointment at our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney Clinic. Options can be received remotely via electronic communication too.

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