Concussion Management Physiotherapists Physiotherapist in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs SydneyConcussion Management Physiotherapists Physiotherapist in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs SydneyConcussion Management Physiotherapists Physiotherapist in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Concussion Management PhysiotherapistsPhysiotherapist in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

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Have you recently suffered a concussion or head injury?

If so, a physiotherapist can help.

Physiotherapy can play a crucial role in helping you recover from concussions and associated head injuries.

At the JW Physical Health physio clinic in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney our physiotherapists can provide a comprehensive approach to your recovery.

We can address both cognitive and physical aspects to help ensure a safer and more complete recovery.

Revcive treatment to lessen symptoms, recover quicker and help reduce your probability of future occurrences.

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Physiotherapy Treatments to Manage & Better Recover from Concussions in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

If you are suffering from concussion symptoms, targeted physiotherapy may be able to help you recover more quickly and effectively.

People who suffer from symptoms can have difficulty completing daily tasks. They can have problems with concentration, memory, mood, and more.

Don’t suffer for any longer than you need to.

Physiotherapy for head injuries can help in reducing or eliminating these symptoms. Help improve cognitive function, reduce headaches and nausea, and enhance your sleep quality. Look to improve balance and coordination, as well as reduce fatigue. Learn how you can best manage your symptoms while you have them to avoid further disruption to your daily life.


Learn How Physiotherapy Treatments Can Help You Manage Concussions

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What Your Physiotherapist May Include in Your Rehab & Treatment After Injury to Help Your Recovery

Every concussion is different. Your treating physiotherapist at the JW Physical Health clinic in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney will work with you to tailor a personised treatment plan. What this includes will be dependent on your particular injury presentation.

During your first physiotherapy appointment, your treating physiotherapist will take a thorough history and ask about your symptoms. They’ll also perform a physical examination to assess your balance, coordination, and strength.

Based on your assessment results, your physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan to help reduce your symptoms and improve your function. Treatment typically includes exercises to improve your balance and coordination.

Your physiotherapist will also provide information about how you can manage your symptoms at work and home and help live with the effects of concussion.

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Physio Treatments to Alliviate Symptoms & Prevent Re-Injury

You may also receive manual therapy to reduce pain and stiffness in the neck, head and associated areas. Often these injuries are a result of whiplash. Manual therapy can help you regain mobility, ease stiffness, and reduce strain that can lead to headaches and further unwanted symptoms.

A part of your treatment your physio may provide a series of neck strengthening exercises. Greater neck strength has been shown be associated with reduced risk of concussion. This may help you lower your risk of suffering the injury in the future

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Access Rehabilitation & Recovery for Head Injuries in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney

The duration of concussion symptoms can vary depending on the individual. Most people will start to feel better within a few days or weeks. In some cases, however, symptoms may persist for months or even years. If you are experiencing ongoing problems after a concussion, it is important to seek medical attention.

Concussion shouldn’t put you out of the game for any longer than necessary when treated properly.

Physiotherapists at JW Physical Health in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney want to ensure that you have the most successful outcome and return to your chosen sport within the shortest time possible.

Without proper management symptoms can greatly impact a person’s daily life. If you’ve recently suffered from a concussion or are suffering from concussion symptoms contact us to learn how we can help you.

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