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Braces, Casts, and Splints

Bracing, casting and splinting plays an important role in both prevention and therapeutic management of injuries to ligaments and joints of the body. It is a commonly used treatment option for injuries related to the bones and soft tissues including a person’s muscles, tendons and ligaments. Casting, splinting and bracing may be prescribed after an injury or surgery to immobilise, stabilise or provide support to an area of your body as well as to reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasm in the affected region.

Braces, casts and splints are specifically designed devices that safely support the injured area in the correct position to assist the healing process. Whilst casts and splints are typically more rigid, bracing typically provides the most mobility and helps to prevent further damage to the injured region without affecting the daily activity of the person.


Lightweight Waterproof Fiberglass & Thermoplastic Cast or Splint Options Available

Our physiotherapists are able to apply, manage and remove casts and splints as required by your treating Doctor or Specialist. We encourage you to get an x-ray prior to seeing us if you suspect a break or fracture.

At JW Physical Health, our physiotherapists use the very latest in casting supplies and techniques to ensure you can minimise disruption to your everyday activities where possible. Lightweight, durable and fully waterproof materials are used were possible. We stock and are trained in the application of custom thermoplastic splinting and fibreglass casting for all areas of the body.

We endeavour to make sure you remain as comfortable and possible whist you are prescribed to wear your cast or splint. Where possible, we will promote movement to facilitate mobility. Whilst improving your day-to-day function and ability to perform regular tasks, this also helps assist your recovery once it’s removed. Injuries that are particularly severe or acute may require greater immobilisation to allow the damaged tissue to repair.


Custom Thermoplastic Splinting & Waterproof Casting from our Bondi Junction Studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

Casting is the most effective management strategy of skeletal fractures. At JW Physical Health, if your fracture is undisplaced (bone is in good alignment), a waterproof fibreglass cast will be applied for up to six weeks to immobilise the joint and allow the fracture to heal. Some injuries require a level of mobilisation for optimal healing. A custom thermoplastic splint can be made and applied within our Bondi Junction Studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney by our trained therapists to help facilitate this for optimal healing.

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