NormaTec Compression Boots
Bondi Junction, Eastern Suburbs Syndey

Relax, unwind and recover.

NormaTec Boots are designed for recovery and rehab. Combining science and technology, they help to increase blood circulation and body fluid around the body. This gets rid of lactic acid and speeds up recovery time, preventing injury and muscle soreness.

How do they work?

NormaTec Boots use three key techniques – Pulsing, Distal release and Gradients.

Pulse technology mimics the natural body pump of the legs, which removes lactic acid and metabolic fatigue. Distal release prevents the back flow of body fluid while the gradient technique holds pressures to ensure everything is flowing in the right direction. 

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The boots slowly inflate each compartment starting at the ankles, calves, middle thighs and upper thighs. It feels like a deep pressure massage on both legs which squeezes the tissue, flushing out soreness, muscle fatigue and bringing oxygenated blood to the legs.

Research shows that compression technology massage is great for everyone. Whether you train for sports, are on your feet all day, or have muscle soreness – they can help you accellerate your recovery time, getting you back on track.

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