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Specialist in Helping Manage Sports Injury, Prevention & Rehabilitation for Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer Clubs & Other Sporting Teams

Our physiotherapists have vast experience in helping manage and prevent a variety of acute, sub-acute and chronic sports injuries for players of a variety of sports. Ankles, shoulders, knees, hammies, you name it and there’s a good chance that we’ve treated it.

Jason, our lead physiotherapist, has worked with numerous semi-professional Rugby Union, Rugby League and Soccer clubs. As a part of these roles, he is skilled in providing specific and graded rehab plans for athletes to return to sport in a timely nature. Help with managing chronic and ongoing injuries is also available.

Sport Specific Graded Rehab & Treatment Plans

Graded physical rehab and treatment plans involve prescribing you a series of progressive, highly controlled movement, flexibility and strengthening exercises. When followed on a strict, balanced plan they have very positive outcomes. Our intention is gradually increasing your return to function and strength of the effect areas involved in your injury. In some cases, you might finish-up with more movement, function and strength than you had previously.

At JW Health we focus on ensuring you receive the most appropriate care and tailored treatment for your condition. Graded rehab and treatment plans will be tailored to make sure you’re in the best position to safely return to your specific sport or activity type of choice. Different sports have higher probability of getting your body into certain awkward and compromising positions. It’s important to ensure your body is prepared to handle these situations.

Ultimately in many cases you are responsible to whether you head our advice or not. We will always seek to inform you about any risk you may be putting yourself in should you be intending to return too early or avoid your prescribed rehab and treatment plans.  

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Chronic Sport Injuries Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney
Sport specific graded rehab & treatment plans are available

Our Physiotherapists are Trained in Providing Targeted Therapy for Chronic Sport Related Injuries & Rehabilitation

Chronic injuries are caused by prolonged, repetitive motion that causes excessive and undue stress on the body. Commonly they’re referred to as ‘overuse injuries’. Typically, they arise from improper technique, trying to progress too fast or overdoing certain motions. Chronic injury can also refer to a repeated sports injury or previous injuries that have never been effectively rehabilitated and may have led you to pick up bad habits in order to compensate for pain, loss of mobility, function or strength.

Chronic sports related injuries vastly outnumber sudden acute injuries in almost every athletic activity. However, because chronic injuries are not instantly disabling typically build up over time and often have subtle initial symptoms, they tend to attract less medical attention than those that cause a sudden and obvious loss of function or pain. Unfortunately, too often people ignore them and play-on. Chronic injuries will continue until broken by active treatment interventions.

Seek Physio Before it’s too Late

It’s important to seek physio treatment and proper attention for any mild condition at the earliest possible time. You don’t have to play-on in pain or risk long term loss of function. The long-term consequences are simply not worth it. Delays in diagnosis and physio treatment can lead to more serious or disabling injuries Seek treatment early before it becomes a larger and more disabling problem. Typically, if you spot an emerging chronic injury early it’s much easier and faster to fix. If you have a long-standing health issue, including long-neglected or repetitively inflamed injuries it’s also never too late to seek physio to help get you back to better health. Our physiotherapists are trained in providing targeted physical therapy for a variety of chronic sport-related injuries and ongoing rehabilitation. Our aim is to keep you on the field for longer, pain-free, in years to come.

Specialists in Providing Physiotherapy to Prevent Injury

Recovery from your sports injury involves taking steps to prevent further damage recurrence (re-injury). Our goal is to get you back doing your normal activity as soon as possible with minimal to non-heightened risk of injury recurrence. Further and ongoing damage can often occur if you fail to resolve your initial injury. Similarly, without regaining strength, mobility or taking the necessary precautionary measures such as strapping when playing, you will more likely face re-injury when placing the affected area under stress. Your treating specialist will prescribe a series of progressive strengthening and mobility exercises that will return function and strength to the affected area in time. They will also inform you of strapping, bracing, immobilisation and other precautionary measures you should take to minimise chance of re-injury when playing your given sport or undertaking specific types of physical activity. 

Prevention is better than a cure. If you’re noticing weaknesses or pain emerging in certain scenarios when excessing or performing physical activities, we advise that you seek a review with one of our specialists and let them know what you are experiencing. Our Physios have a vast knowledge of different sports-related injuries. Injuries often involve muscle fatigue due to a lack of strength or endurance due to form or conditioning. We can identify these areas of concern in your form or conditioning that you may want to improve to prevent injury occurring.

Sport Specific Graded Rehab Treatment Plans Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney
Jason, our lead physiotherapist, showing a patient some strengthening exercises they can practice to prevent future injury

Team Physiotherapist for Waverley Rugby Club, Managing a Range of Player Injuries & Injury Prevention Strategies

JW Health is proud to be the official Team Physiotherapist for the Waverley Rugby Club.

Waverley Rugby Club is one of the proudest and most successful Rugby Clubs in Sydney. Well established, they’ve amassed an impressive 46 Suburban Premierships across the grades in the last 49 years. It’s even had a few ex-international players play throughout the years.

Waverley Rugby Club has 5 senior men’s teams (grade), Colt’s team & Women’s team. 7-full teams in total, with plenty of reserves in the ranks. The club has well over 150 playing members. We’re proud to help and assist players across all grades and levels. We come down to training and take the players through a variety of stretches and exercise they can do to improve their performance on the field and help prevent sustaining an injury. We’re there on weekends making sure everyone’s strapped that’s needed as well as assessing and treating injuries as they happen. All players are welcome to come to our Eastern Suburbs Sydney Bondi Junction clinic for ongoing treatment and support.

Sports Injuries Physiotherapy Bondi Junction, Eastern Suburbs Sydney
JW Physical Health is proud to be the offical physiotherapist of Waverley Rugby Club, a top performing historic suburban rugby club in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

​​​​​​​Your Treating Specialist Will Develop A Targeted Plan to Get You Back on The Field Playing Pain-free

At JW Physical Health, we want to have you back on the field playing pain-free as soon as possible. In consultation with you we’ll develop a plan that can make this happen. We’re not here to prescribe a series of complicated or challenging exercises that are too hard to manage ongoing. We’ll work with you to develop something that will work for you and your available time. Whilst we encourage you to push yourself within your limits in a controlled and safe environment, we will never ask you to do more than you physically can do. You influence your recovery outcome via your level of commitment, availability to commit to rehab and implementation of our agreed plan.

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We ensure that you have the most successful outcome and will return to your chosen sport within the shortest time possible.

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