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Post-Operative Physiotherapists: Targeted and Personalised Treatment Plans

Most of the work begins after your surgery! Our physiotherapists have extensive orthopaedic backgrounds and are skilled in a large number of post-operative physiotherapy protocols and rehabilitation programs. At JW Physical Health we specialise in tailoring your rehab program to meet your specific needs and goals. Our physiotherapists will prescribe appropriate and specific exercises, progressing them as tolerated so that you reach your fitness or sporting goals without issue.

Managing Your Post-Surgical Treatment to Help You Recover

In the hospital, you’ll be provided with some basic post-surgical treatment exercises that are aimed at minimising complications that could arise post-surgery. When relevant, you may even be prescribed some early strengthening or range of motion exercises to ensure that your function does not diminish too much whilst you are still healing. It’s important that you do these exercises in order to help you recover from your surgical treatment. We’ll build on your progress in weeks and months to come, but you have a great opportunity to give yourself a head start and solid foundational base to build upon.

Plan for Physio Treatments to Help Your Recovery After Your Operation

You can make an appointment with JW Physical Health in preparation of your surgery. That is, if your surgery is elective or planned you can book in your post-operative treatments in advance.

Elective and planned surgery can be a burden on the mind. It can be stressful for some. Planning appropriately and speaking with your physiotherapist who will manage your ongoing recovery early may help you to put your mind at ease. We’ll happily discuss possible treatments available to you post-surgery before your operation. Similarly, we can run through a variety of possible scenarios and outcomes.

We recognise that not every operation will be planned far enough in advance to arrange a physio consult prior to having your operation. Regardless of where you are in your surgical journey, we will be here to help.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Physiotherapists Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Progressive Exercises Involved in Rehab Therapy Tailored for Optimal Recovery from Your Surgery

Once you are discharged from hospital, you’ll typically require rehab therapy. This involves a process of prescribing a series of progressive exercises and assessing your progress. Progressive exercises that will be taught are aimed at producing optimal recover outcomes from your surgery. Focus is typically given to retaining your previous strength, flexibility and function.

At JW Physical Health, we’ll happily liaise with your treating surgeon to determine any specific requirements or treatments needed based on your individual surgery. We have long standing relationships with many Sydney surgeons. Whilst you do not require a Doctor’s referral to see a Physiotherapist, information regarding your surgery of your intention to see us may be helpful.

Jordan, completing his gait retraining hurdles. Day 10 post-operation. Recovery going strong 💪

Programs to Treat a Variety of Surgeries & Operations

Rehabilitation programs we conduct frequently include:

  • ACL repair
  • knee and ankle arthoscopy
  • wrist and hand operations
  • rotator cuff repair and shoulder stabilisation
  • hip repair
  • spinal surgeries (laminectomy, fusions and discectomy)
  • ORIF fracture repairs
Programs To Treat A Variety Of Surgeries Operations Bondi Junction Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Enquire About Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Programs Available from Our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney Studio

Contact us to learn more about our post-surgery rehabilitation programs available from our Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney clinic. We’ll help get you back to your work, sport or daily function in the shortest time. We place emphasis on reducing your pain, increasing your strength and improving the mobility to the affected area.

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