Ankle Stiffness And How To Increase Ankle Mobility

By Jason Wright April 15, 2023

Ankle Stiffness And How To Increase Ankle Mobility

Posted in by Jason Wright on April 15, 2023.

What is Ankle Stiffness

Stiff ankles are a common problem which results from a lack of mobility in the ankle joint. It often occurs after an injury in the lower leg, foot area such as a dislocation or sprain. These injuries are characterised by general discomfort and difficulties getting into a full depth squat or lunge.

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There’s a lot of tissue around the ankle that can account for stiffness: bony protrusions, scar tissue in ligaments, joint capsulitis, muscle tightness, etc. Each of these problems will present in its own particular way. Our job is to help identify what the root cause of the stiffness is and tackle it at its source!

Learn how to test your mobility

To better understand your ankle mobility, try this test:

Place your foot 10 cm away from a wall, facing the wall. Without lifting your heel, bring your knee to the wall. Can you do it?

Learn how to fix Ankle Stiffness?

It can be fixed with a progressive calf mobility program as well as joint mobilisation.

Take a look through these exercises and give them a try if you think your ankles might be tight. You’d be surprised how effective they can actually be!

More Information About Ankle Stiffness And How To Increase Ankle Mobility

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