Exercises to strengthen your hip flexors

By Jason Wright November 21, 2022

Exercises to strengthen your hip flexors

Posted in by Jason Wright on November 21, 2022.

What we hear from our patients many times is: “My hip flexors are so tight!”

And most of the times reality is that the hip flexors are not actually tight but they are simply weak. The fact that they are weak is often a common result of too much time working at a computer (for which we’re all guilty).

As a ball and socket joint, the hip is very mobile and thus sensitive in any changes in the way its moving. The sensation of tightness or pinching you’re feeling can result from the hip joint moving improperly in the socket, from restriction of the capsule encasing the joint, or from the muscles that work around your hip and pelvis.

Because of this, you might find it difficult to comfortably work out into functional positions like a deep squat, lunge, or high kick.

As your hip flexors are an important muscle group, instead of spending your time stretching them out in a lunge, you should be strengthening them. Our best tip in this case is “strengthen to lengthen“, as muscles actually get stronger as they get longer (contrary to popular belief).

Try these simple exercises shown below for a few suggested options to progress into your fitness routine.

1. Supine Knee Flexes

Supine, with a band above your knees, pull each knee towards you alternating them. Be mindful of your lower back posture, and keep the knee at a 90 degree angle when pulling in towards you.

2. Standing Extended Marches

Standing at a 45 degrees angle, with your hands on the wall and a band around your feet. Once you feel stable, pull your knees into your chest alternating them as if you are marching.

3. Single Leg Power Pass-Through

Tie the band at the bottom of a column (or anything stable around your house), put it around your ankle and stand vertically holding onto something stabilizing (maybe a broom stick if you’re at home). Once you feel stable, swipe your leg to pull it into your chest while banding your knee.

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