Exercises to Fix Directional Back Pain

By Jason Wright December 28, 2022

Exercises to Fix Directional Back Pain

Posted in by Jason Wright on December 28, 2022.

Raise your hand if your back yells when you band! ✋🏻😪

Forward or backwards? 🙄

No worries Seth’s Directional Back Pain Basics Will Help You Here!

Most people who come in with an acute case of lower back find they have a direction that aggravates their pain.

The two most common we see are bending forward (flexion) or bending backwards (extension).

While we approach each individual case differently, we do use some basic problem-solving techniques to help ease your pain when it’s flared up.

One of the easiest ways to do that is by getting you to move in the direction that isn’t bothersome.

We call this your “directional preference”.

Here’s the basic idea behind how we choose those exercises.

Let us know what you think! 👇🏻

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