Troubleshooting Golf Swing Issues – Early Extension

By Jason Wright April 15, 2023

Troubleshooting Golf Swing Issues – Early Extension

Posted in by Jason Wright on April 15, 2023.

We want to reiterate again: we are not here to try and change your golf swing. As physios, we’re here to identify problems in the mechanics of your movements which may end up impact your performance or causing you pain. 

Like the RSA, this too affects many people and can be a quick recipe for developing back pain. 

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What is Early Extension?

The Early Extension is essentially a forward movement of “thrust” of the lower body toward the golf ball during your down swing. 

There are a number of underlying causes that can contribute to this swing issue, which we use the TPI screening tool to help identify. We highlight a few of these main issues in this carousel. 

Learn how to fix it

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But early extension is something that you can fix by working on your posture and lower body flexibility. Just remember, you shouldn’t move toward the ball during the downswing. Just keep thinking, rotate first, extend second. Otherwise, your arms will get stuck behind your body at impact.

Golfers, let us know if you’re dealing with back pain while playing. We’d love to troubleshot this issue with you 

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